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The cabinet works in the form of a study group, children are chosen from the beginning to fit, both as a class level, a level of preparation but even a compatibility of their personality, which is why there is an evaluation period in June, when besides the mathematical tests, there will be a discussion with the parent or the child’s custodian, the purpose is to find them the most suitable study group starting from September of the following school year.

The study groups are small precisely to follow the evolution of the thinking of each pupil/student and see the method of thinking of each one has. It is more than mathematics, it does not just explain how or how much, but also why. It is a vertical, in-depth explanation of notions, because when a student understands why a thing is happening, he has less chance to forget it or to confuse it with another notion.

We keep constant contact with the parent and inform him about the child’s maths evolution.

Also, during the summer the Revision Course is organized, this one was born after countless discussions with the parents showing concern of the possible gaps in the knowledge of the children.


I am ROXANA CACIORA - The Math Teacher
I became a freelance teacher, only focusing on meditations, always studying mathematics and psycho-pedagogy in order to get closer to the child's way of perceiving mathematics.

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